Commercial Gas

From the initial survey, we can provide full installations and maintenance. We are also happy to provide services, or help during a breakdown.

Domestic Gas

Whether it is installation, service, or repair, we are happy to help with any needs you have in your home.

Ideal Logic Boilers

McMurdo Plumbing & Heating are accredited Ideal Logic Boiler installers. Therefore, we can offer you a longer warranty for this boiler, or provide the expertise for maintaining Ideal products.

Underfloor Heating

Just as it says on the tin, this is heating that is placed under the floor of your home. This heating option can be placed under carpet, stone, wood, or tile, and is becoming increasingly popular. Since heat is distributed through pipes underfoot, heating your home has never been easier. Unlike radiators that are confined to one area, heat from underfloor heating is evenly distributed throughout the room. This factor also means lower energy output which can decrease your heating bills. This option may also be very popular with fans of open plan living, as radiators will not disrupt your décor.

Heat Pumps

This renewable option allows energy to be taken from sources such as soil, water, or air, and transfer this power to another source, such as heating a hot water system. This process is done by an electric compressor. This compressor uses much less energy than a normal boiler, saving you money while also being green! With a lifespan up to 15 years, it is sure to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Thermal

This product should not be confused with solar panels as it is designed to heat water, not produce electricity. However, much like solar panels, solar thermals absorb the sun’s heat through panels. The power absorbed through these panels is then transferred to the hot water cylinder to create your hot water. This design is also green, and will save you money on bills!

McMurdo Plumbing and Heating are more than happy to install this eco-friendly investment, but we can also offer maintenance for Solar Thermals that are already installed.

Biomass Boilers

Instead of gas or oil, these boilers use wood pellets to heat your home. Using these eco-friendly pellets instead of fossil fuels is another way of combating climate change. This method also reduces waste by using recycled wood to produce energy

Not only can McMurdo Plumbing and Heating install this eco-friendly investment, but we can also offer maintenance for Biomass Boilers already on the property.

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